Are there any size limits on uploaded images?

Yes, the limit is 5mb.

What is the maximum time required to search through a collection?

The search action may take up to 1.5s, not including image processing.

How does our pricing work?

Our pricing model is action-based, encompassing four distinct actions: add, detect, search, and delete. Here's how each action contributes to the overall cost:

  • Add: An 'add' action includes one 'detect' action for the image and additional 'add' actions for each face detected.
  • Detect: Processing an image for face detection counts as one 'detect' action.
  • Search: Search functionality is currently limited to processing one face per operation. Therefore, a single 'search' action necessitates the use of one 'add' and one 'detect' call.
  • Delete: Deleting an image from the system uses 'delete' actions that match the number of faces detected in that image.

When does settlement occur?

Settlements are issued on the first day of the month.

How is payment calculated for the size of collection?

Storage fees are billed monthly and are based on the size of the user's collections. Fees are calculated for every starting set of a thousand face data entries, with any amount over a full thousand being rounded up to the next thousand.

What payment methods are available?

There are three payment options available. The first two involve connecting your card for a vaulted payment or making a one-time payment processed by Transaction Cloud. With vaulted payments, each settlement results in an automatic charge to the connected card. The third option is to initiate a bank transfer after contacting our support center in advance.

Is the image retained after being uploaded for a request?

No, images are only stored temporarily during the upload and processing period, and are not retained afterwards.

What is the collection limit size?

Our API has been rigorously tested on collections exceeding 500 million faces, and we can confirm that there are no performance limitations - the system operates reliably regardless of size.

What is image id?

The id given when adding an image is a unique identifier that is given by the user in order to recognize the image. It could be the file name or path to the file.

What will occur when adding images that contain multiple faces?

When adding images with multiple individuals, each face is recognized and saved individually, the provided ID parameter will be connected to multiple facial embeddings.

Why am I receiving 401 unauthorized responses from the API?

If you are receiving 401 unauthorized responses from the API, it is likely because you are using incorrect authentication credentials. Please make sure you are using the correct API_LOGIN:API_PASSWORD, as using credentials from the sandbox on the production API or vice versa is a common cause of this error. If you generated a new API_PASSWORD, it should be available for use after up to 1 minute.

What's the next feature in the pipeline?

To find out about the upcoming features, please contact the customer service team, who can provide you with the latest information.

How do I request new features for the platform?

To request new features, kindly send an email to our customer service team.