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We adapt our tools and their implementation according to the case - creating bespoke responses for large companies, security companies or law agencies.

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Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition

Are you looking for face recognition software or a tool specialized in identifying unique facial attributes? Do you want to find a solid business partner that provides highly effective services but is also elastic and offers full support for the software? Try our Facial Recognition software with easy integration, fast response time, and an accuracy of 99.8%. Find a face with particular measurements even if the person has different haircut or contact lenses.

Take advantage of a complex neural network model with results of high accuracy

Use a dedicated high-performance distributed infrastructure

Extract Face Key-point with ready to use image miniature

Make the most of Facial Recognition software for indexing purposes

Minimize the risk thanks to using well-tested software.

Get your monthly license for Facial Recognition software with a fixed cost per each server node with unlimited usage.

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Facial Search

Facial Search

Have you created software that could be improved by the facial search feature? Are you looking for a tool that will facilitate facial comparing? Try our Facial Search software and perform efficient searches using big data sets based on people’s facial similarity levels. Find a face with particular measurements despite the multiple elements in the background, other people, or things.

Get the most of combined softwares: Facial Search and fully integrated Facial Recognition

Easily build your own index

Take advantage of the latest technologies: artificial intelligence, machine learning, biometric data recognition

Don’t limit your potential - our service is fully scalable and suitable for BigData purposes

Benefit from advanced built in-house algorithms specialized in facial recognition and search

Use high-performance software with a user friendly data flow.

The calculation of your monthly price for Facial Search software is based on 3 fixed factors: price for a license, price for each search query, and price for each 1k records of an index.

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Dedicated software solutions

Dedicated software solutions

Have you got an idea for non-standard use of face recognition or facial search software but don’t have a proper programming or infrastructure background? Are you looking for a safe solution that doesn’t contain API integration? Do you value a high standard of data protection in self-managed services? Contact us, we will create custom software containing facial recognition mechanisms tailored to your needs.

Get a solution tailored to your needs

Don’t invest in retraining or hiring a programmer to customize existing software

Delegate creating software to professionals in facial recognition field

Contact us to estimate the scope and price of your dedicated software.

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