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  • Search through your multi-million photo collection in just 0.1 second.
  • Recognize, identify and index all faces in dataset with incredible 99,98% accuracy.
  • Use reverse image search to find matches easier, faster and more precise than before.
  • Try our easy-to-use, GDPR-compliant API for free.
  • Simplify your photo search with Face.Match.Expert today!
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// add an array of photos or single images to the collection

curl --request POST$COLLECTION_ID/add \

--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \

--header 'Authorization: API_LOGIN:API_PASSWORD' \

--data '[{ “id”:"EXT-122", ”image”:"(...)" }]'

// search by face photo through the collection

curl --request POST$COLLECTION_ID/search/image \

--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \

--header 'Authorization: $API_LOGIN:$API_PASSWORD' \

--data '{“image”:"(...)"}'

// response

[ { id: "EXT-122", // Bob K. similarity: 99.98 } ]

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How does work?

how to start with

set up account

Set-up account

Create an account with and set up collections to store index of your data. Faces collections are unlimited in size and capable to process big data.

  • At Face.Match.Expert, we take care of all server configurations, so you can forget about complex cloud infrastructure.
  • Creating collections is a breeze - simply provide a name, and the ID will be automatically generated for you.
  • Free Trial Version: Kick-start your experience with zero cost. Explore our service with 1000 records and 1500 requests. No payment details needed.
index your data

Index your data

Effortless Face Embedding Extraction: Send an array of photos with referral IDs to the selected collection. Our AI algorithm will process the photos asynchronously, extracting face embeddings and storing them securely with unique indexes. Rest assured, none of the original photos are saved.

  • Easy and fast photo index. Refer to the collection of your choice as the final destination for facial embedding and send an array of photos with an API endpoint.
  • Asynchronous API streamlines the data indexing of multiple collections, ensuring the efficient processing of big data.
  • Right after the facial features are indexed and transformed into a unique embedding, all original photos are permanently deleted.
search by photo through the collection

search by photo through the collection

Match a face to your collection of embeddings by sending a photo and collection ID to Face.Match.Expert. Our system will promptly return referral IDs, sorted by similarity level.

  • AI algorithm extract the embedding from your searched photo and searching for the similar facial features among stored records.
  • API return to you the list of the IDs sorted by the similarity level to the original search face.
  • The searched photo is deleted immediately after extracting the facial embedding. We do not retain the originally uploaded image!

Safeguarding Your Data through GDPR Compliance

Protect your sensitive biometric data with Face.Match.Expert. We prioritize your privacy and adhere to the strictest GDPR guidelines, ensuring that your personal information, including photos, is never stored on our servers in its original form. Trust us to keep your data safe and secure.

You can rest assured your data is safe and secure.

general data protection regulation

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New project using cutting-edge AI and ML algorithms for innovative vector search, utilizing Expertum's Search Technologies.

With, you can easily search for places, people, duplicates, related, or similar images. The reverse image search process of is significantly more accurate and efficient than traditional image search. All you need is to upload an image onto a website and select the specific area on the image that you are most interested in.

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1 500 / mo

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Price per 1 000 requests € 0.942 € 0.754 € 0.566 € 0.377
API Request Price per 1000 requests
Total number of requests 1.5K-1M € 0.942
1M-5M € 0.754
5M-100M € 0.566
100M + € 0.377
Collection storage * 1 000 records
Price € 0.01

* The collection storage size will be calculated by the end of each month.

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Self-hosted storage

The face embeddings generated by Face.Match.Expert can be stored on your own servers, either on-premise or in a private cloud. Choosing a self-hosted deployment is an ideal solution for enterprises and government sectors that possess the necessary resources and technical expertise.

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cloud hosted

Face.Match.Expert offers seamless cloud hosting as the default option, ensuring a stable, secure, and worry-free experience. Benefit from unlimited storage for your collections with Expertum's trusted cloud hosting solution.

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